Time Does Nothing 

Have you heard that lie about time? That time changes everything? That with time, everything will be alright? That with time, everything will be forgotten? That with time, all hurts will be healed?
Did you buy those stories? Did you accept them?
Sorry to burst your bubble if you did; because you’ve been sold one of the oldest cons in human history…and you bought it, hook, line and sinker. 
Time does nothing. Time has no power or ability of itself. It’s power is derived from what you do with it. Nothing ever changes for the better except you change it. Nothing heals except you heal it. You must do something with the time in your hands. Ignoring anything, assuming that it will somehow become alright by itself. You must heal your own body yourself. You must forgive; obtain mercy; speak; forget the former things; give glory to God etc 
Find out from God’s Word, those things that you must do over time to change things in your life


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